PIZZAZZ – Little Things Mean A Lot

By Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen

San Francisco – California






Photography And Painting By Peter Solmssen



“Little Things Mean A Lot”




Over 65 years ago, this song was on everyone’s lips and radios.  Even today, Willie Nelson croons out the lyrics to “Little Things Mean A Lot”.


Quite often, we are so impressed when we receive an expensive present and so proud to give big-ticket luxury gifts.  At the end of the day, it’s the day-to-day little things that mean a lot and that have staying power.  A caring gesture, a kind word, a generous offer always touch the heart as much as a big-ticket item or a well-known label or name present.  Like the simplicity of Tibetan bowls and Buddhist harmony bells, thoughtfulness resonates within the heart as much as a ginormous surprise tied up with ribbons and bows. 


For some of us, going to a specialty shop or shopping online for a statement kind of gift can be an easy “got that out of the way” obligation.  On the other hand, thoughtfulness comes from a more vulnerable place.  Indeed, thoughtfulness takes thought.  We are so busy making our mark and money, we don’t always give much thought to what would make someone really happy.


For years, happiness has been relegated to our back burners.  With all of today’s time-saving devices, no one seems to have limitless time for simple pleasures.  There is even a course called The Science of Happiness from the Wellness Center at the University of California in Berkeley that makes a lot of sense.  Because we are all so busy, they have so thoughtfully created this course on line…for college credit or to audit… for curious people who feel they could fold a bit more joy into their lives.


Ever since I was a small child and even into adulthood, I have had a treasure trove drawer.  When I discover something unique and wonderful that I love, I buy it on the spot and into the drawer it goes.  Whether last minute or well-planned, shopping in my treasure trove drawer is nearly magical. By no means am I putting down “over the top” gifts!   I’m just suggesting and reminding myself that “Little Thing Mean A Lot”.


Final thought:from a simple yet perfect green leaf to the exquisite beauty of a single egg, it’s lovely for our hearts to remember the unending gifts from Mother Nature that nurture our senses every day.   




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