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What is Socialism?


How can all the World keep redefining Socialism to suit the sort of Capitalism they want.


Social programs are not Socialism.  The government can run any type of social program that the people want without being Socialist.


Definition from the cell phone:  A Socialist government ownsthe means of production and transportation and distribution.


Western European Countries are not Socialist in this true sense.  They have social programs. 


Would not you prefer to have an entrepreneur running your company than a politician – there is no reasonable choice.  It is not better to have an unprofitable government operation than a profitable private one.  You can tax the profit of a private company but there is generally no surplus funds from a government operation.  In fact they invariable go over budget.  Think of government public works which have spent way over approved funds.


Of course a Politician would prefer to control everything including the flow of money to him. Communism suits that program.  It is interesting how a politician gains Dictatorship control.  Putin did it through controlling the Federal Justice system.  Are we on that track?


So what is American Democratic Socialism? 


Apparently whatever fits the current stage of acceptability.


We keep being told that Sweden has a good type of government as if it were Socialist.  Not only is it not Socialist but The Gross National Product per capita is larger in the USA than any other major country, including Sweden.  And way larger than the Socialist ones.






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