PROS & EX.CONS – Consensus?

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California











As listed in Wikipedia there are only five Socialist countries in the World: Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos and China; all of which are below100 in the list of Gross Domestic Products per capita nations.  So the question is why do 50% (more or less) of Americans want to change our government.  Do they want to copy a failed system of Socialism?  Would the American public vote in a Socialist government?


The historic reason for turning to Socialism is dissatisfaction of the people with a capitalist economy; The Socialist leaders convince people that their current government is not good for them.  This argument is really not very convincing for us today.


So what might be a more successful approach to the public dissatisfaction with our government than Socialism?


Perhaps the real concern of the people who go along with the Socialists may be completely different.  They may feel that while things may be good for them they are not good for others. So since we are so well off we can share more than the current party is interested in doing.  Many women and men feel this way.


Certainly the overwhelming increase in women’s clothing and accessory stores in up-scale shopping areas and the salaries for technical jobs which are several times what they were a generation ago suggests we have a lot of spending money. 


So maybe we don’t need socialism in order to help the poor.  Maybe we have the money?


Well the money has to come from taxes, and yet we have a huge government debt.  So how can we give away more help when we are already deep in debt and are going further into debt.  Also, we know that higher taxes can mean less investment in capital investment and fewer jobs.


I think maybe that the answer is a Federal sales tax to reduce the debt and increase welfare, while not increasing income taxes and reducing capital investment.


What do you think?











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