PROS & EX.CONS – Politics

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California











There is not much new to say about “politics”, but I cannot agree with my daughters that we should not talk about it.  I suppose (perhaps wrongly) that the reason for this is that they are reading “the lies” and misleading innuendoes rather than the truth.


Outside of that there is the unfortunate fact that the Democrats and Republicans have decidedly different platforms or beliefs.  So if everyone holds out for what they believe is right, and we do not elect a majority of one party, nothing is going to get done.  Actually we even have a split Republican Party, which gives us a three party system.


Really unfortunate.


Would you agree that the main problem is how far to go into debt and for what? 




         Medical care for everyone

         Grants to the poor

         National defense

         More, or fewer, government employees

         Lower taxes



All are defensible in the abstract, but not in comparison.


My own theory is that in the USA, we are developing a dependant class in the ghettos or very poor neighborhoods.  That is, people who find it convenient to not work a 40-hour week.  These, when combined with the truly unemployable, make an increasingly large public cost.  As long as we deny there are special educational needs for these persons, it will only get worse.


The other questionable public cost is the number of government employees at various levels of government, and the high benefits they receive.  I hear estimates and they are staggering.  The role of government is to control people and companies, not replace them.


How much do you think we should tax ourselves?






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