PROS & EX.CONS – Russia

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California










Over a period of four to five years, before the take-over of the Russian government by Mr. Putin, I prepared, in cooperation with the Capital Cities of the Russian Republics, economic models and investment brochures for new urban city centers; and found American and Canadian investors to carry out programs in cooperation with the city governments.


None of the programs were carried out after Mr. Putin returned the country to Socialism. And to this day the prosperity that would have been developed has not.


This, along with current Russian activity on the world scene leads me to speculate as to what Russia’s (Putin’s) plan is for Russian Prosperity.  Why kill programs leading to prosperity and instead invest in espionage and aggression?


The classic explanation of a dictator’s turning to aggression is a failure of their economy, leading to poverty of the population.  A war gets everyone working and stops movements for revolution. 


The Russian people are poorer than 20 other European countries and 47 countries in the world.  Not a good showing compared to the U.S. which is #11 ahead of all European countries except Norway.   (Per capita yearly income for the U.S. is $60,000; Russia is $28,000.)


This is the long way to get to the question of the day – which is: Why is Russia so interested in affecting our elections.  I am beginning to believe that they are not trying just to affect an election but rather to convert the U.S. to a friendly Socialist Republic.  If they can’t be better they can perhaps make us weaker, so we stop interfering in their attempts to build a new empire.


The inroads of Socialist theory into our society has not happened either by chance or by being a more successful system.


Consider what has happened during the last American Administration:


  1. Reduction of our military
  2. Reduction of our ability to produce armaments; (vis. Steel capacity)
  3. Reduction of private business ability
  4. Extensive increase in regulations
  5. Increased social payments
  6. Increased protests
  7. Turning of university education from teaching capitalism to teaching socialism.


Would we be better off changing to be like other countries that are socialist?

Why the Russian economy suffers?  The basic problem is a lack of an effective court system which has been replaced by the Mafia.


  1. Putin did not want non-government people to get rich from his country
  2. The government did not want to grant title to the land, making only leases.
  3. The Mafia (supported by Mr. Putin) demanded a share of all income, with the share determined from time-to-time by them.


All these matters had been excluded from the contracts I prepared and were signed by the cities and the developers.




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