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The Most Prosperous Country In The World




Our young people insist that the USA is not as economically successful as Socialist countries.


That is a joke as the only Socialist or Communist countries in the world are *


                                 Cuba (# 178)

                                 Vietnam (141)

                                 North Korea (180)

                                 Laos (141)

                                 China 110)

None of which are in the top 100 Gross Domestic Product per capita countries in the world.



Setting that question aside and looking at the GDP per capita for all major countries are ****


The USA is # 1

 Germany is #17

Sweden is # 21

Japan is #23

Russia is # 62

China is # 72



The reason for the order is the nature of the economies. 


Major Countries fall into two groups: the USA and other democracies; and dictatorships.


Where companies are free to innovate and are not limited by burdensome taxes and regulations they excel.  The index of Economic Freedom *** shows the correlation to economic excellence:


The United Kingdom and its historic colonies are at the top *

New Zealand #3

Australia # 5

United Kingdom #8

Canada #9

Sweden is #15

USA 18

Germany #25

Japan *30

Russia # 107

China #110



Clearly the Anglo-Saxon free enterprise system is economically the most successful and the USA creates the most wealth per person.


So would it be better to follow the lead of Russia or China?

Would it be better to distribute the wealth more equally, such as in Sweden ?


It might be better for the poor but average income would be $51,300 rather than $62,100 and would not have grown in the last year by $2,600, or 4.4% growth as was realized in the USA.

The USA is clearly the leading economy in the world.  Let’s not copy the others.


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**       International Monetary Fund

***     Heritage Foundation

****   Small European countries all are at the top of these lists and represent a separate




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