PROS & EX.CONS – World Peace

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California







World Peace




A recent article in The Wall Street Journal took two pages to explain that the hope of the World lies with Liberal philosophy; that is a peaceful view as opposed to the historic greed of evil dictatorships.


The implication is that the Democrats will bring us peace and the Republicans will bring us war.


A somewhat less than full explanation of why we have had some peace since WW2, a simplistic and misleading explanation of how the world works.


We can agree that the US paid to bring reconstruction and peace after WW2.  Now we are asking European countries to pay their share of keeping world peace, rather than continuing to provide all the funding ourselves.  They construe this as abandoning Europe to evil Dictatorships.


Did “Liberals” fund the peace or was commerce and industry the source of funds?  The government takes credit for sending the money, but where did the Politicians get the money?  From business and industry.  So in order to fund world peace we must have bigger and better industry. This will not happen if we allow basic industries like steel, aluminum and cars to strangle on imports that are subsidized by other governments.


Political theory does not make tanks, trucks and airplanes – industry does.


From 2010 to 2018 we have handicapped US industry and given away generous trade terms to other countries – a Liberal but deadly strategy.


We need to be in a position to enforce world peace, not for evil intent but to achieve peace the only way it will happen – through strength.









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