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The Next American Election

Wherest go the Democrats?



Lacking a positive platform, as it is in the hands of moderate Democrats. The Social Democrats will have to continue to attack the existing system and show that change must be carried out to achieve peace and fairness.


I say this because the standard strategy of Socialism is: “to show that the existing system is a failure” and if the system is not failing: see that it does.


How about extensive: Union strikes, protests in the streets about women’s rights, sexual orientation and racial discrimination, riotous strikes against Police prejudice, new state laws contradicting Federal laws, environmental demonstrations against the use of water, cars, oil and coal, etc.


Enough to stirrup support for Democratic candidates and dishearten Republicans from voting.


One will wonder why are we in this mess?


There are two reasons:

  1. The Socialists of the world want to control (and benefit from) the wealth of the world, and
  2. The Socialists in the USA want to control (and benefit from) the wealth of the USA.


Can they win? 


They won 10 years ago.  And they made a lot of progress during Obama’s 8 years.

They will run a minority, woman or heterosexual as a sign of their compassion for the people.


Who do you think will win?


Do you think more Democrats will vote Republican?








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