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It is almost unheard of for an artist to establish a private museum of his or her works during his or her lifetime but the 88-year-old avant-garde icon, also known as the Queen of pumpkins, polka dots, and mirrored infinity rooms, Yayoi Kusuma, has done exactly that in the capital of her native Japan, the city of Tokyo.  Designed by the renowned Japanese architectural firm of Kume Sekkei, the five-storey, stacked cube-like Kusuma Museum is located in the residential neighborhood of Shinjuku, near the artist’s studio and the psychiatric hospital in which she has voluntarily lived for four decades.


The world-wide following Kusama has garnered is evidenced by hours-long line-ups at her exhibitions in New York, London, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada.  One of her works sold at auction in 2014 for $7.1 million.  Because so many of her fans have ventured to Japan to see her works and her advancing age, Kusama “decided to establish a place for them to see my work”.


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