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The museum’s high ceilings, white walls and curved corners are perfect places on and in which to showcase her creations.  White polka dots cover the glass panels that line the front of the building, red polka dots and mirrors decorate the elevators and even the washrooms.


The fourth floor of the museum features Kusama’s signature mirror-lined rooms in which row upon row of yellow and black pumpkins filled with polka dots are reflected into infinity.  On the top floor resides an enormous gold and pink mosaic pumpkin.  Kusama has been painting every day since the age of 10.  “Even now, there is not a day that I do not paint.  I still see polka dots everywhere” she says.  At present the artist is working on a series of large, electric-colored acrylic paintings called “My Eternal Soul”, producing a new painting every day or so.


At the opening of her museum, Kusama appeared in a yellow and black polka-dot caftan wearing a bright scarlet wig; a streak of red paint covered her right shoe.  She explained that her goal was to keep on painting and that she wanted her art to contribute to “happiness for human beings and a world without war”.


For a unique visual and existential experience, the Kusama Museum is not to be missed.


Address: 107 Bentencho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0851, Japan  

Tel: +813-5273-1778

Hours: Thursday-Sunday:

Appointed dates and times: 11:00AM – 17:00PM (90-minute time slots) 

Tickets go on sale at 10:00AM (Japanese Time)

on the first day of each month for entry two months later.

Admission: Adults: $10.  Children: 6-18 years: $5.  Children under 6: Free











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