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And Today’s Questions



Today’s questions.  (Answer at end.)




1.  May not be all that easy?  Can you ID these two please?  The man was a veteran of vaudeville, stage, silent and sound films and  the woman was a successful actress of the 30’s and 40’s and in one instance — a Hitchcock blonde.

2.  Can you recognise this brother / sister duo?  They were immensely successful on Broadway in the 20’s and early 30’s with many feeling she was the more talented and comparing her to Fanny Brice and Imogene Coca.  But he went to Hollywood and became one of the biggest stars of the 30’s — 50’s.

3.  Attending a tennis match.  Now the male is obvious and despite the sunnies, the woman beside him is equally famous and a 2 Oscar winner.  The blonde beside her won an Oscar and a Golden Globe and appeared in some of the most famous Noirs of all time.

Seem to be finding a considerable number on ‘unnamed’ pics of late.  Here is clearly Jean Harlow but who is the jolly gent?




1.  Will Rogers and Madeleine Carroll (the Hitch movie was THE 39 STEPS)

2.  Fred and Adele Astaire

3.  Larry Olivier, Viv Leigh and Claire Trevor


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