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For no rational reason, other than the fact we are told it is beneficial to work our memory cells, see how swiftly you can recall this actress from the clues.
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She came from an Eastern European country and was badly affected by the horrors of World War Two.  Her father, a Jew, vanished during the Holocaust and she was forced to marry a Nazi officer at age 15 to avoid being sent to a concentration camp.  The ‘marriage’ was annulled after the war on the grounds of ‘coercion of a minor’.  She got her first screen role in 1947 but was being threatened and persecuted by the new Communist regime.  Hollywood-based producer Alexander Paal got her to England where Alexander Korda, President of MGM-England, used his influence to place her under contract to London Films.

But any screen career was not rushing in, so eventually she went to Italy and had great success reciting monologues on the stages of Milan, Florence and Rome.  By now, Hollywood had spotted her early London based film work and came calling.  However she made only one film there before returning to England and a series of low-key movies a few of which paired her with Curd Jurgens, whom she later married.  She also made numerous movies in Germany and Italy before leaving the screen permanently in 1966. 

Got her?  If not — here are some of her movie moments.

With Tom Conway in the Brit Noir thriller NORMAN CONQUEST in 1953

The same year — with Howard Duff in a Hammer sci-fi — SPACEWAYS

In 1955 she co-starred with Forrest Tucker in BREAK IN THE CIRCLE

In 1957 — she returned to more major fare with MGM’s TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS with Dean Martin, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Dewey Martin

If more is needed, there were two films, one British the other Hollywood, both made in 1952 that should bring her to mind.

Possibly, THE VENETIAN BIRD with Richard Todd

But surely..  with Burt in THE CRIMSON PIRATE

Perhaps due to her wartime experiences, she pursued spirituality and lived and studied in Indonesia for some years, with a sect named Pak Subah and in 1970 she opened a Subah school in Hawaii.  But in her final years she retreated to London where she lived quietly and anonymously with very little money until her death in 1998 aged 71.    


Eva Bartok – born Budapest, Hungary 1927

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