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Holy Trivia Batman




A few things you may not know about the 1960’s tv Batman series…

Originally, the series was meant to be a cool and hip crime series, something similar to The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which was popular at that time.  When ABC executives read the original Batman comic books, however, they found them to be extremely camp and filled with tongue-in cheek humor.  They decided that the only way to do the television show successfully was to make it in a campy, pop-art style.



The Batmobile was one of the most iconic elements of the series.  The original car from the show was a modified Lincoln Futura.  The Batmobile was sold at auction in 2013 and fetched a massive $4.2 million.



The Penguin is another one of the series’ iconic villains, but we’ll bet you didn’t know that Mickey Rooney was originally meant for the part.  So was Spencer Tracy,  but he was only interested if his character could kill Batman.  He obviously didn’t get the memo of how a superhero story works.

In order to find the perfect dynamic duo, two separate screen tests were held. One included Adam West and Burt Ward, while the other included Lyle Waggoner and Peter Deyell.  Needless to say, West and Ward got the parts; however, the screen tests for both pairs can be found on YouTube, and they show just how different the show could’ve been. 

Waggoner later went on to appear alongside another television super hero, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, in the 1970s.

The Batman comic books had been running since the ’30s, and were still in full swing when the show was airing. The character of Alfred the Butler had been killed off in the comics a few months before the series premiered, but when the producers revealed they were including Alfred and Aunt Harriet in the show, he was resurrected for the comics.

Cesar Romero played the iconic role of the Joker in the series.  The character’s maniacal laugh came from a real laugh that Romero let out when he saw his costume for the first time.            Ironically, Frank Sinatra expressed interest in playing the Joker, too.  Now that’s something we can’t picture — but we sure would’ve liked to see it.

The character of Catwoman was played by three different actresses.  Julie Newmar played the feline villainess in the first season, Eartha Kitt for the remainder of the series, and Lee Meriwether for the spin-off movie in 1966.

Robin is probably best known for his quips on the show.  They always began with “Holy,” and always ended with “Batman!”  In all, Robin had 352 of these moments throughout the show’s run, and some of them are really creative. Examples include “Holy Jack-in-a-Box,” “Holy-Haberdashery,” “Holy Ravioli,” and “Holy Schizophrenia.”



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