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Is Mia Right?

Ronan Farrow, the son of Mia and Woody Allen (officially) is now aged 30. He won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service because his articles in the New Yorker helped uncover the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse allegations.

Ronan identifies as LGBT and his partner since 2011 is Jon Lovett.


But I don’t care about that.  What intrigues me as Ronan gets older is Mia’s hints that have been dropped for years now…that his father is not Woody but Frank Sinatra.  To my knowledge neither have ever pursued DNA tests to sort it out for sure.

Well no question, Ronan is the spitting image of his mother!!  Ridiculously so at times.  But I have to say — I can also see quite a lot of Ol’ Blue Eyes as well.



So is it Woody or Frankie?

I do wish Mia would tell me these things.  How am I expected to monitor star news when stars don’t email me with all their secrets.!?






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