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Mega Career Stars


Today’s questions.  (Answers at end.)

 Who Are These Please?


1. Who is this young starlet entering on a mega career?


2. Who is this pair on set and what was the movie they were making? Should be easy as it co-starred June Allyson, Angela Lansbury, Vincent Price, Patricia Medina, Van Heflin, Gig Young and Keenan Wynn.


The last known photo of the living Charlie Chaplin — pushed in a wheelchair by wife Oona..

Grace Kelly and Oleg Cassini at the Mocambo in 1955.

Cary Grant eats.

Judy, on stage at the Palace Theatre in London

Bob Hope shows his bowling expertise to Betty Grable.

Tony Curtis chats with Lex Barker


1. Rita Hayworth

2. Lana Turner and Gene Kelly – THE THREE MUSKETEERS


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