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(Answers At The End)


1.  Who is this star?  The moment comes from a 1927 comedy with William Boyd titled TWO ARABIAN NIGHTS.  She began her career in 1921, went on to win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1941 (the year she also appeared in one of Noir’s greatest films ever) and appeared in 154 screen titles.  Her last movie role was in 1964. 


How about this massive star?  The picture was taken early in her career.

Here are three young men from the marine corps.  Picture taken circa 1948.  The one in the centre became a global mega star.  Who is he?

Who is this actress?  Her father was an actor-director and her mother an actress.  She got her start in an uncredited role in Chaplin’s much praised MODERN TIMES in 1936 and was still appearing on television shows through the 1990’s.   She had three husbands, the first of which was John Payne.  She gave Frank Sinatra his first screen kiss in 1944’s STEP LIVELY.

Anthony Perkins, Fred Astaire and Greg Peck- obviously taken in Australia in 1959 while making ON THE BEACH- but I am not in on the Audrey joke?? Audrey Hepburn presumably? Fred and Aud made FUNNY FACE two years earlier. Does that refer? Greg made ROMAN HOLIDAY with Aud in 1953. Too far back surely. Actually, I think it may refer to GREEN MANSIONS that Tony Perkins and Aud made just prior to him leaving for the Australian location. 

Sidney Poitier chats with director Sydney Pollack while making THE SLENDER THREAD

And this was Zoe Mozert painting Russell for that poster.  Mozert maintained that Russell’s breasts were too big to be aesthetically pleasing, so in her painting she lifted them and reduced their size.   Ironically, Howard Hughes had cast Russell specifically for the qualities Mozert criticized.


1. Mary Astor — her Oscar was for THE GREAT LIE and her Noir triumph was THE MALTESE FALCON.

2. Lucille Ball

3. Steve McQueen

4. Gloria DeHaven



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