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Regal Quirks

Practices Surrounding The British Royal Family





Not many of us will ever get the opportunity to dine with the Queen, but on the off chance you do, here’s what you need to know: You are not allowed to continue eating after the Queen has finished her meal.

This rule has been in place for quite a while and caused a few problems during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Queen Victoria, to put it delicately, had a healthy appetite and would demolish her meals in a short amount of time which meant her guests had to stop eating before they’d had a chance to finish their food.

Queen Elizabeth II is much more considerate.  The 92-year-old reportedly leaves a small bit of food on her plate in order to give her guests an appropriate amount of time to finish their meals.



Whenever members of the royal family travel overseas, there’s one outfit they must always pack. 

It’s compulsory for them to pack a black outfit in case a member of the royal family dies while they’re overseas. 

Queen Elizabeth II failed to adhere to this rule back in 1952 when she was visiting Kenya with Prince Philip.  After King George VI’s sudden death, Queen Elizabeth II had to wait on the plane after landing in London until an appropriate mourning outfit was delivered to her on board. 



As revealed, it’s frowned upon for members of the royal family who are staying with the Queen to go to bed before she does. 

Only when Queen Elizabeth II calls it a night can everyone else drag themselves off to bed as well. 

One of the Queen’s private secretaries, Sir William Heseltine, said there was one member of the royal family member who refused to abide by the tradition. 

For Diana the long royal evenings were agony.

“There’d be an hour or so in the sitting room of everyone sitting around making conversation, and nobody felt it right to go to bed before the Queen did. 

“And Diana was driven to such extremes that she’d excuse herself and go to bed, which was thought to be rather bad form, going to bed before the Queen.


The Queen is the only person in the UK who is allowed to drive without a license.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Invicta Kent Media/REX/Shutterstock (8811850f)
Queen Elizabeth II driving herself to the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Park for Sunday Service via public roads. Queen Elizabeth II driving on public road, Windsor, Berkshire, UK – 07 May 2017

Tradition dictates that Prince Philip must walk two steps behind the Queen to represent their rankings in the royal family. 

Britain’s Queen ELizabeth II, shown here in 2014, carries her black handbag nearly everywhere in public. She even signals her staff with how she positions it. (Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Zuma Press/TNS)

The same goes for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. 

The Queen gives subtle hints to her staff when using her handbag.  If she places it on a chair, as she did when meeting the Australian High Commissioner earlier this year, it means she’s happy to have a long chat with her guest.  

If the Queen puts her handbag on a table it means she’s happy to chat to her guest for five minutes.  But if it’s on the floor, it’s a signal that she wants her staff to interfere and end the conversation.



Launer holds what’s known as a ‘Royal Warrant.’  This means that the Queen has given the company permission to publicly  say that they sell things to the royal family.  In order to get one, a company must provide their goods or services to the royals for at least five years.

Queen Elizabeth 11 reportedly owns 200 of the same $2,000 handbag.

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