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Susan Hayward


In 1951’s ‘Rawhide’ — Susan Hayward was headed west on a stagecoach before high drama saw her held prisoner with Ty Power by evil outlaws.


Susan was not travelling alone.  She had her small child Callie on her hip.  The child was played by Judy Ann Dunn. 


I wonder what became of the tiny Ms. Dunn?


She certainly did not become a child actress.  The IMDB has only one line on her.  One solitary line.. “Judy Ann Dunn is an actress, known for Rawhide (1951).”

Wikipedia does not mention her (other than as the final name on the Rawhide cast list.)

The IMDB Trivia for Rawhide does not mention from whence she come nor what became of her.  Was she the child of someone in the industry?  If (at that tender age) a parent actually had her on a casting agent’s books for child parts, why was nothing ever heard of her afterwards?

I daresay that as actors Ty Power, Hugh Marlowe, Jack Elam, Dean Jagger, Edgar Buchanan, George Tobias and…


have all departed for the great sound stage in the sky along with director Henry Hathaway, cinematographer Milton R. Krasner, producer Sam Engel and Costume and Wardrobe Director Charles Le Maire (who may have devised Callie’s outfit), presumably we will never know.





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