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The Fallacious Four


Screen villainesses have ranged from a tad over-the-top naughty girls, to genuinely scary ladies. Here are 4 screen ‘ bad girls’ of varying degrees of movie villainy for a memory lane stroll.


Alexis Colby

For most of the ’80s on “Dynasty,” Alexis (Joan Collins) made it her mission to ruin the life of her handsome and filthy-rich ex-husband Blake Carrington (John Forsythe).  And she often came close to doing just that.  It all begins in Season 1 when Blake, who has left Alexis behind, marries his former secretary Krystle (Linda Evans).  Hell hath no fury…




Mrs. Eleanor Iselin

The malevolent character played by Angela Lansbury in the 1962 Cold War thriller “The Manchurian Candidate” is a Communist agent involved in the brainwashing of her own son Raymond (Lawrence Harvey).  The goal: a coup d’etat, triggered by an assassination that Raymond will carry out.





The Wicked Witch of the West

A green-skinned witch who gets around on a broom, can throw balls of fire and has an army of evil flying monkeys to do her bidding, she means business when she tells Dorothy, “I’ll get you, my pretty—and your little dog, too!”





Livia Soprano

Matriarchs don’t get much worse than this.  Livia—played by the late, great Nancy Marchand on HBO’s “The Sopranos”—conspires with her brother-in-law Junior (Dominic Chianese) to put a hit out on her only son.  When Tony (James Gandolfini) gets wind of his mother’s plan, he tries to smother her with a pillow.







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