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Today’s questions.  (Answers at end.)


Who Are These Please?

1. This may be tough as a part from the profile angle, it does not look like her usual image (well I thought not.) I can tell you the dog is her Afghan hound named Sharma and the pic was taken in April 1940.  Who is this big star?

2. This is the principal cast from a 1952 western.  How many can you ID?  I would be astounded if you could recall the title. It co-starred Edgar Buchanan and Forrest Tucker along with these five. 

Very vintage pic.  The gent with the cap is a young Errol Flynn before he went to Hollywood.

Barbara Hutton — taken in the 1930’s.  Being the Woolworth heiress, we can be sure those jewels are all very real and very high-end.

Chaplin with his wife Oona O’Neill who was 18 when they married.  Chaplin was 54.  In this case, age did not matter as they had eight children and stayed married until his death in 1977.  Trivia — she was the daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill who disowned her and cut off communication when she wed Chaplin.

Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood visit Sinatra and Shirl MacLaine on set of CAN-CAN. 

In 1960, a young actor who was yet to hit the big time shares an ice-cream sundae with his wife.  Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson.

Elvis and co-star Lizabeth Scott wait around on the lot during filming of LOVING YOU — 1957.

Bogart and Bacall breakfast on set of THE AFRICAN QUEEN.  Even in darkest Africa in 1951, Hollywood looked after its stars on location.

Danny Kaye and Groucho Marx.  Taken at Warner Bros studios in 1945.


1.  Ginger Rogers

2.  From left- Barbara Rush, Sterling Hayden, Richard Arlen, Arleen Whelan and Victor Jory.  The movie was FLAMING FEATHER. 

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