THRU THE EYES OF JO LEE – My Evening Party For Four

By Josephina Lee Mascioli-Mansell

New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong/London/Tokyo/Rome/Toronto







My Evening Party For Four




Hello dear friends!  So many of you have asked that I begin sharing with you some of the incredible things in my life.  Where do I begin!  Why not with beauty.


I grew up in a diplomatic milieu amongst a family of intellects, music, lots of love, and whether during the highs or lows, always joy.


My mother and father were the epitome of everything beautiful to me, and from this, “beauty” became my “magnificent obsession”.  From life – right down to celery greens and white sand – beauty to me has portrayed the segment of goodness in
everyone’s souls.  Beauty is magical.  It’s like shooting stars.  It’s like a crystal that mirrors and replicates multitudes of ideas into dreams coming true. 


And so, within my life in San Francisco, New York, London and my wondrous suite in Toronto, I revel within the beauty of the old and the new.  Now, won’t you come with me as I entice you to dine in sumptuous elegance and delicious simplicity with a marvelous colleague, friend, family member and myself – for four.  The most wonderful setting for a conversation filled with convivial chatter.  What better way to grow in mind and in the richness of beauty within your guests than to be surrounded in coziness that you never want to get up from. 


It can be said that when we set the table, we set the stage for a social performance by bringing to the art of table setting all the talents of making the performance a smash hit.


In this evening setting, a graceful table of pinks defines the limits of an intimate dining spot.  Ornate nineteenth-century pieces of china are placed as supporting actors in the evening’s drama.  The tablecloth with its miniature bouquets of flowers is designed by Gloria Vanderbilt and very simply titled “Gloria”.  It gives a fresh foundation to Coeur Fleurs, Swag Goblets and a fanciful collection of Vermeil Crystal dishes filled with the most demure stuffed olives.


The title of my evening is unmistakably “Conversation and Hearts” … but how it turns out is anyone’s guess until the end of the fourth course.


To create an atmosphere that captures and titillates all our senses is like creating a painting.  By taking the beauty of those around my table and having it reflect in everyone’s faces.


E Saluti e buon appetito – from my very Italian home to yours.  Why not recreate this in your very own inimitable way. 


Do remember, loveliness increases.  It will never pass into nothingness.







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