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Transfer Your Confidence

Unlock Inner Strengths That Conquer Insecurities


In her inspirational book Transfer Your Confidence, author Kathleen Solmssen presents an original idea for conquering a challenge that most of us encounter in some aspect of life – overcoming a lack of confidence. Her technique of moving confidence from an area where you have it to another where you don’t is unique.


“I have a worth anyone’s time” kind of idea for my next JO LEE Magazine article! TRANSFER YOUR CONFIDENCE: How To Unlock Inner Strengths That Conquer Insecurities. I’m so excited about this idea, I shared with my husband, because we all have strengths and weaknesses to deal with and to applaud. So our CONFIDENCES can shed light and positive energy on to the shadows in our lives”. My husband replied: “this is a unique, plausible and very engaging approach to bringing confidences to challenging arenas… I love it! Although I do feel this concept is more of a book than a PIZZAZZ article. GO FOR IT!”


A few months ago, that conversation, lead me to writing: TRANSFER YOUR CONFIDENCE !


The book jumps from Mr. Rogers to Stephen Hawkins – from Hedy Lamarr to Socrates and it all makes perfect sense as it leads the reader to a more happy and giving life. My timing must be right as there is a new: Science of Happiness class at University of California Berkeley and a similar one at Yale University. This is a fun fact: the teacher, who designed the program at Yale, expected to have forty or so students sign up for the class. To her surprise there were 1,200 and quickly, the class moved from a small classroom to an amphitheater!


Today, most of the population communicates through cell phones and computers. More often than not, we forget that we are social beings. We need each other. It’s a slippery slope into ourselves rather than learning experiences and enjoying others in person – one on one.


This sharing of: self with self is a concept that REALLY works and the results are pure delight and lead to rewarding successes as well. Many “near and dears” have tried this idea on for size and they are loving it and paying it forward to others. Already, it’s a touching yet strong domino principal at work in many lives! New found fearless paths in artistic and leadership venues are opening up to readers of TRANSFER YOUR CONFIDENCE.


“I don’t have a creative bone in my body” a friend admitted. “Sure you do! It’s near your funny bone. Simply have your inner prince kiss it and wake it up!”


These kind of paradigm shifts don’t need to be huge. Baby steps infused with the innocence and excitement of a child will open up many remarkable ways to expand your life to impossible dreams!




You can purchase the book in Kindle or book from at Amazon. To my happy surprise, every day… this idea is working for me. My hope is that it will work for you and yours as well.



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