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Being Healthy Equates To Being Wealthy




We have everything when we have our health!  But how many of us wake up each morning feeling grateful for our health?  Most of us continue the rat-race without giving any thought toward what it does to our well-being.  We put a lot of focus, determination, time and effort into working hard, making money, saving money, investing money and building retirement in order to create “wealth”.  It is very easy to put healthy eating and exercise on the bottom of the list of life’s chores, but what is wealth if you don’t have your health?


Interestingly, the instant we lose our health, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to retrieve it.  We will travel distances, spend any amount of time, money and energy if only to have a glimmer of hope – re-mortgaging our home, going into debt, even bankruptcy, for hope.


When we lose our health, our priorities suddenly change.  Caring for our children and nurturing our relationships become challenging when health has slipped away.  The things that we may have cherished the most seem to no longer matter.  Values and priorities are frequently turned upside down.


So, in the light of this, does it not make sense to make our greatest wealth – health – our priority?


This life-lesson appears difficult to learn because we tend to take health for granted.  Still, the day we make health our top priority by honoring and respecting our body, by trusting the inner power of the body to heal and by understanding that symptoms are part of the language of the innate wisdom of life, we begin to invest in our greatest asset.


Investments can be small as long as they are regular, yet returns are invaluable. Moving our bodies through physical activity, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, sleeping the required amount per night, embracing mindfulness and meditating are investments we can make every day. Each step taken to nurture and support our well-being is time and energy well invested in creating vibrant vitality:  a body that is in harmony with its mind and body and soul.






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