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In Memorium For My Husband Tim Regan, July 12, 1938 – December 12, 2017




My husband believed that individual people do evil, but his pet peeve was not a clear case like Hitler or Stalin.  General McLellan of the U.S. Civil War was the worst ever.  Convinced at first he was a traitor, Tim came to the conclusion that the general was just the wrong man for the job, talented at raising armies but not deploying them.  My husband held him responsible for extending the war between the states for an extra two years.


In contrast to misguided men like McLellan, Tim admired the effectiveness of women in leading beneficial social action.  He chose as his example the biblical Eve from the Garden of Eden.


Tim believed that Adam and Eve were fully human but he thought that there were also proto-humans in the Garden.  Adam was a wonderful man – handsome, energetic and empathic to women.  The proto-women preferred him to the proto-men. Consequently, Adam had a disproportionate number of offspring and genetic drift toward talented humanity set in.


When Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, she saw that the proto-humans, now with Adam’s giftedness, would overrun the garden.  Ruin it.  So she tempted Adam to eat the fruit and they shared the same vision.


Then they left, now modestly dressed and married.  They had learned that the enormous human reproductive burden has to be shared and that very hard work is necessary to provide for offspring.  Adam and Eve devoted themselves to domesticating plants and animals, and enlisted their children in the enterprise.  When the Garden of Eden was overrun and the exodus began, there was plenty of food for the emigrants and everyone went on to build cities.


I am sure bible scholars and anthropologists will take issue with Tim’s theory.  When I first read it, I thought he was joking.  Then I wondered, “Suppose the Garden of Eden actually was in modern-day Uganda.”  The Winter 2018 Harvard Business Review has an article titled “Inclusive Growth” on the development of this country.  In 2010, household income averaged 87 cents per day.  Millions were undernourished and almost half the children were stunted from eating contaminated food.  Then large-scale businesses, social catalysts and investors entered the scene.  Better crops.  More markets.  Special, clean food for children.  Crop yields are up and household income has doubled.  Where there is Adam and Eve energy, there shall prosperity be.


While Tim may have been theoretically wrong about the Garden of Eden, practically I think he was right.  The misguided mess things up and do evil.  Those who work productively in partnership together do good.





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