Not finding out who we are
Is the near catastrophe of our lives

Our fear of finding out who we are;
Our fear of doing what we love;
Our fear of taking a chance and changing things we have always done;
Our fear of knowing we are living a life below our potential;
Our fear of living above our potential.

To achieve our potential and beyond is our destiny.

Without reflection;
Without examining the content of our individual lives;
Without being a loving force in the universe;
We are untethered.

We are empty.

Realizing our potential;
Relaxing into our potential is the love we give to ourselves;
It is this love of ourselves
That leads us to profoundly love others.

                                                                         ©Joan Chisholm






Love Is




A word, a feeling, an expression, flowers, candy 

Off-key singing, enchanting, a baby’s first smile

Simple, complex, tears, laughs, expansive, four letters 

A puppy’s sweet face.



Love listens, likes, lingers, lacks logic, lures, lyric

Love is lovely, loyal, longevity.

Love makes one loveable, loony, lucky

Love is laughter, life, lively

Love makes one lilting, likeable

Love is lust, luxuriant, lifelong.


Love makes one lithe, leap, limitless

Love is loving, lifting luscious

Love makes one luminous, limber, light

Love is luster, limelight, lilacs.


Love is for me, for you, for us, for the world

For the environment, for peace, for life

For the universe, for young and old.


Love is LOVE is love.










So you’ve come to visit…suddenly
beneath the curtain
of my conscious headlights

Sometimes I welcome you in
with disdain for the opposite part
I’m forced to play against my will

Lately you’ve invaded
more than unwelcomed
you wipe your feet on my restless mind

I want to lock the walls

Your pride is incredible
your ego, a mountain of stones
none of which you leave unturned

If I controlled the stations
my world would build itself
but you push the buttons of hidden angst

So you’ve come to visit…suddenly
beneath the curtain
of my conscious headlights

…until I lift the veils
stare at the ceiling
and you disappear








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