When we look at the world through the eyes of Unsung Heroes we see undreamed of possibilities. More and more we appreciate the incredible number of nominations submitted from around the world within ADESTE’s five categories: Humanities, Social Justice, Arts, Technology and Medicine. The nominees of the ADESTE Gold Medal remind us of how many wonderful people are doing amazing things from corner to corner in this chaotic world.  Also, we are reminded that the most important aspect, the heart of ADESTE, is to discover “the 40 and under” Unsung Heroes who “outperform” in a globe of billions.


Jo Lee Magazine And Its 23 World Voting Emissaries Of Adeste Present With Pride

The 15th Annual Adeste Gold Medal Laureate 2019



Munich — Germany

Aged 29 






By JO LEE Magazine
New York / San Francisco / Hong Kong / London / Tokyo / Rome / Toronto





Munevo’s underlying premise is independence and mobility for the wheelchair-bound.


Munevo and Claudiu Leverenz (CEO and Co-Founder) have developed an intuitive, hands-free, wheelchair control system, powered by smart-glass technology that has the potential to create independence for thousands of users. 


“Within this independence, controlled movements are necessary, even for the mechanical steering systems like chin controls,” said Claudiu.  “What we can do already is filter out fast movements through the software.  Currently, we are developing an even better algorithm with features that no other steering system has.”


“We have just started and our vision is to improve life by using smart and innovative technology.”


Claudiu has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems with experience in both business applications and infrastructure as well as new innovative technologies and startup businesses.  He has worked on large scale IT projects within the consulting environment for major clients in different industries.

Recently, Claudiu started to work as a Global Shaper (World Economic Forum) on different projects that help children to code and help refugees to work with computers. 


In this role he is able to understand more about how to create sustainable projects that have a greater impact.










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