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Responsibilities Of Russia With Us






The road we are traveling is familiar in history; but then there are a few new things in our lives even if we put new names on them;  like “Democratic Socialism” “ or “remove the evil person from power”.


So like the Russian Revolution replacing the Royal Family with a leader leading the country into poverty, we succumb to tales of woe and evil and insane leadership and consider electing  leaders whose programs will lead us down the same path to poverty. 


Why is it so hard to see the results of Socialism and poverty?  Socialists point to how fine the Scandinavian countries are; but they are capitalistic and have a lower average income than we do.


Even critically looking at own country, we can see that when governments decide to do something besides passing laws, they run way over reasonable time and cost parameters.  They choose friends for contractors and have no competition to keep them efficient and on target.  I have also found they do the projects that they decide the public should have not what the public wants.


Finally taxing profits at high rates robs the economy of the capital that hires labor and with less capital – companies cannot provide new products.


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