By Al Emid  

Toronto – Canada





Al Emid has worked in communicating ideas and concepts since beginning his career at an educational television network in 1967. He is the co-author and author of several financial books, most recently The Emid Report on Volatility 2019 available on all major book sites.




Chapter 3


Why I Refer To The Glamourous Life




We’ve all had this happen at a party or other social event.  Sooner or later, somebody asks ‘So what do you doooooooo?”.   Then after explaining that I divide my time between working as a financial journalist and as a financial book author, the response I often get is along the lines of ‘That sounds like a great way to make living’.


Sometimes that leads a barely-suppressed chuckle.  Then I wonder whether I should explain the truth or change the subject.  Sometimes I get a call from an earnest individual who leads with ‘I got your name from …I’m working on a book and he/she said I could call you and get some advice/”.  At that point, I’m quietly wondering just how honest I can be with the earnest caller and thinking dark thoughts about the person who gave the would-be author  my  name and telephone number.


Then if I sally forth in the conversation and ask why the individual wants to write a book, the answer may revolve around making huge sums of money because of stories about someone who wrote a book, self-published it, sold the film rights and made huge sums.   It does happen but winning the lottery is a more likely bet.  To that, I try to explain that the royalties from most books will positively not pay for a luxury condominium on the Riviera.

Then, gathering up nerve and tact, I ask how much training the would-be author has had in writing, in narrative structure, in constructing a coherent ‘voice’ and so on.  If the answer is “I don’t really need to sit in a class.  I’ve always figured I was a natural born writer”, I know we’re in trouble here.





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