By Al Emid  

Toronto – Canada





Al Emid has worked in communicating ideas and concepts since beginning his career at an educational television network in 1967.  He is the co-author and author of several financial books, most recently The Emid Report on Volatility 2019 available on all major book sites.




Chapter 6


Online Trading

It’s Not as Easy as Punching a Few Keys




After more years in the media world than I will admit publicly and having covered all manner of news stories in several countries, very little gets me agitated.


A glaring exception is commercials extolling the ease of online trading, making it look unbelievably easy.  I’m not sure whether they are insulting or just silly.  One series of ads features a very young baby at a computer.  The baby presses a few keys and then proclaims: “A stock – you just saw me buy a stock,” exultantly.  “No big deal.  I mean If I can do it you can too.”  The message that comes across is that anyone can just punch a few keys and Voila! the money comes rolling in.


Trust me: it’s not that easy.


Mercifully, these ads don’t currently appear on television but are still available on YouTube and have had numerous plays.  Clearly many people have viewed them.



Online trading requires that traders approach it from several dimensions.  I can only deal with some here and save the rest for another day.


Notwithstanding the hot baby trader, online trading requires the same level of discipline and research as any other complex financial undertaking.  A new novice trader may not have the self-discipline to deal well with the commitment involved.  


While trading sites trumpet their quality research and investor tools, these facilities do not help an investor who finds reading reports a bore, dislikes navigating through the tools or simply does not have enough time to approach trading like any other complicated task.


Outside of trading sites, there is a wealth of paid and free information on the internet, some of it excellent and some of it questionable.  Doing online trading effectively requires a huge amount of careful research before punching those keys.







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