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The Redlin Art Center




Compensation by the town of Watertown, South Dakota of $1500 was awarded to 15-year-old Terry Redlin following an accident and allowed him to attend the St. Paul School of Associated Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.  For 25 years following Redlin’s graduation he worked as a commercial artist; graphic designer and art director, strongly influenced by the works of Norman Rockwell and Frederic Remington, particularly their remarkable plays of light.


Two years after Redlin’s “Winter Snows” graced the cover of “The Farmer” magazine, Redlin, at age 40, left his “day job” to concentrate on what he loved best: painting wildlife.  Within a few years, the artist had branched out and captured the very emotions of America’s rural communities and their surroundings.  He won several stamp competitions and was named the “Most Popular U.S. Artist” by U.S. Art Magazine seven times and “Artist of the Year” twice by Ducks Unlimited.  He transposed his oils onto lithographs, collectible prints, and limited edition collector plates.  They sold in such numbers that he would take the entire summer off to sign them all.


Returning to his hometown with his wife and family, Redlin’s works recaptured the scenes of his childhood, inspired by local sites in all seasons.  His subjects expanded into two magical series of Americana in “An American Portrait” and “America the Beautiful”, “romantic realism” evoking extraordinary emotions. 


In gratitude to his hometown, Redlin and his son Charles founded The Redlin Art Center, a 52,000 square-foot building on 30 acres of land called Conservation Park.  Charles designed the building while Terry created wetlands and waterways around it, positioning wood duck and bluebird houses.  Pheasants, grouse, and wild turkeys make the park their home among its prairie grasses and wildflowers.


The Center, opened, in 1997 was founded with a $10 million gift from the Redlin Family Foundation and is now run by means of the proceeds of three retail Gift Shops that sell works from Redlin’s collections and Redlin-inspired gifts, collectables, home furnishings, and stone jewelry created from Redlin’s own pebble collection.


Above the entrance, the grand staircase, and the granite floors hangs a magnificent 350-pound Italian crystal chandelier.  Over 160 of Redlin’s oil paintings hang from chains on “carpeted” walls on all three levels of the building.  An auditorium on the Lower Level screens a documentary of Redlin’s amazing life and beside it is a re-creation of a log cabin depicted in Redlin’s “Comforts of Home”.


1200 33rd. Street, SE   Watertown, South Dakota 57201  

Tel: 1-877-873-3546


Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Sunday: Noon – 4:00 PM.

Admission: Free










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