Every year during the last two weekends in July the town of Boom, Belgium is turned into the largest electronic music festival in the world, attracting more than 400,000 people from around the globe.  The tickets sell out almost instantly, with two million people vying for a spot.  Each year Brussels Airlines runs 180 flights from all over the world to bring people to Boom, each turning into a party in the sky.


The most exciting place to stay during the festival is Dreamville, a campground for 38,000 people the size of 128 football fields set up specifically for the festival and containing supermarkets, a butcher shop, a tattoo shop and a beauty salon. The fun begins on the Thursday before the start of the festival with a pre-opening party for the campers in Dreamville.  The event itself features more than 1,000 DJs and artists on 18 stages, all with spectacular stage designs and astonishing fireworks and laser shows.  Each stage is unique.  Although of various sizes, some set on podiums in the water, some inside, all are creatively and dramatically designed, from fire-breathing dragons to hot air balloons to giant lily pads.


For those who cannot attend, a satellite feed from the mainstage allows those in Malta, Italy, Taiwan, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Spain and Mexico to watch the festival.  With people attending from over 200 different countries, Tomorrowland is considered to be the top international event on the planet the biggest social media music event in the world.


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