South Korea

Boryeong Mud Festival






Located a few hours from Seoul, the city of Boryeong sits on a 136 km coastline containing fine sea mud rich in minerals.  A cosmetic business was developed in 1996 consisting of 16 products including mud packs and creams, but sales were poor.  In order to increase awareness of the products, which claim to remove excess oils from the skin, reduce scars, stimulate skin growth and improve blood circulation, promoters created the first Mud Festival in 1998, and now more than a million people descend on the area for two weeks every July.


The festival is spread throughout downtown Boryeong and nearby Daecheon Beach.  The fun starts in the morning when participants are ferried in by the busload and dropped off at the beach, which has been prepared with mud trucked in from the nearby mud flats, creating mud pits, mud fountains and mud pools. Activities include mud wrestling, mud soccer, mud sliding, mud swimming, and mud body-painting.  If that isn’t enough, there are mud massages, a mud sculpture competition, and a mud beautify contest.  Volunteers stand nearby ready to spray cold water at people to remove the sun-dried mud.


For those tired of the mud, there is paragliding, volleyball and wind-surfing on the beach, and during the evenings the sky lights up with fireworks and live performances fill the air with music. 



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