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Glastonbury Festival






Originally called the Pilton Festival, the first event was held on Worthy Farm in the county of Somerset the day after Jimi Hendrix died in 1970.  Tickets cost £1and included free milk from the farm!  Today, Glastonbury has expanded into the nearby fields, and has become one of the world’s most famous music and performing arts festivals. It features all genres from rock and pop to minimal house, Techno drum and bass, and attracts more than 130,000 people.  Tickets to the last festival sold out in 32 minutes.  Every fifth year there is no festival in order to allow the land, locals and organizers to take a break.


On a site two and a half kilometers across, the festival encompasses many stages, the most famous of which is the Pyramid Stage.  Built to replicate the Great Pyramid of Giza, it is 30 meters tall and made from four kilometers of steel pipes.  Hundreds of artists have performed at Glastonbury, starting with David Bowie in 1971 and including Elvis Costello, Radiohead, The Who, Adele, Amy Winehouse, U2, Coldplayand Beyoncé.


In addition to organizing the concerts, the festival works with charities and those in need.  Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid are the main charities receiving donations from Glastonbury, fulfilling the festival’s desire to help the environment.  In this vein it has created a “Love the Farm, Leave No Trace” campaign to encourage attendees to clean up after themselves and to take care of the field where the festival takes place.





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