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Starry Days




Here is Lucy and the young Desi Jr. (he turned 66 this year so, if like myself, you can remember watching his mother on screen before he was born, that certainly makes one feel young.)





The idea of Caucasian performers donning ‘black face’ for song and dance numbers is long, long buried now.  But back in the day it was a regular ‘thing’ on screen for many major A Listers in shows and films.

Can you make out this star here?  She was a big star with ten Golden Globe noms (winning four of them) and an Oscar nomination.  This moment comes from a 1951 comedic music biography film.




The film was “I’ll See You in My Dreams” — the story of Gus Kahn. 

This is Doris being made up for the musical number.






I include this pic of Princess Margaret purely for the look on the woman behind.  Has she just realized she has royalty in front?





Answer :

 Doris Day




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