THRU THE EYES OF JO LEE – A Tonic For The Soul

By Josephina Lee Mascioli-Mansell

New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong/London/Tokyo/Rome/Toronto






A Tonic For The Soul






Hello Dear Friends,




As I dash from city to continent to country, each day is exhilarating. My life: purposeful, challenging, busy and colorful.  Meetings are timed, planes are coordinated, the plans are intricate.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So when the opportunity comes to immerse my soul in a table setting, I’m delighted to kick off my shoesand entertain friends in a milieu meant to revitalize the spirit.


Won’t you join me, my friends, as I take you to one of my glorious settings so pure that it becomes a tonic for the soul,for as we know,I delight in my own imaginative point of view.


Shall we begin, shall we keep it simple?


My image as seen on the opposite page can easily be duplicated by you so as to make it your own tremendous creation,and rememberthe setting sets the stage! 


Create within a room of furnishings and, within your room, add to it the magnificence of color, art, crystal, and porcelain blended atop a cloth less table, creating a wonder to be reflected in memories to come.  And don’t forget the flowers!


The title of  our Tonic For The Soul is Orbiting Love.  Ah, but to know the outcome of the day?  Not until the flowers fold within the shadows of the night will the essence of the day be told.


Buon apetito e saluti … until we meet again.







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