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 “WAR Flowers, produced by Reford Gardens/Jardins de Métis, is currently being exhibited at Campbell House Museum in Toronto until March 25, followed by showings at the Visitor Education Center, Canadian National Memorial in Vimy, France from May 2-September 2, and then at the Château Ramezay Museum in Montreal from October 4 through March 31, 2019.”


Mark Raynes Roberts



Mark Raynes Roberts | Jo Lee Magazine

WAR Flowers | Fleur D’Armes. HEALING – George Vanier


WAR Flowers | Fleur D’Armes. HEALING – George Vanier (Flower: Stitchwort) Optical Crystal Sculpture Dimensions: 143/4″ x 103/4″w x 3″d I believe to heal we must accept our wounds.  The shattered soldier breaks apart his mind and body tormented in the aftermath of war.  The crouched figure represents his soul, appearing to unravel like his shoelaces before our eyes.  The broken ends of the crystal symbolize the steep trench walls and where the ghostlike spirits of his comrades lie forever buried.  For WAR Flowers touring art exhibitions details visit. 



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