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 “WAR Flowers, produced by Reford Gardens/Jardins de Métis, is currently being exhibited at Campbell House Museum in Toronto until March 25, followed by showings at the Visitor Education Center, Canadian National Memorial in Vimy, France from May 2-September 2, and then at the Château Ramezay Museum in Montreal from October 4 through March 31, 2019.”


Mark Raynes Roberts




Mark Raynes Roberts | Jo Lee Magazine

WAR Flower|Fleur D’Armes. INNOCENCE (Daisy) Jean Brilliant


WAR Flower|Fleur D’Armes. INNOCENCE (Daisy) Jean Brilliant. Optical Crystal Sculpture Dimensions: 16″h x 71/2″w x 11/2″d I believe innocence is the first victim of war.  When soldiers crossed the Atlantic in WW1, they carried innocence with them. More than 68,000 Canadian soldiers died from wounds suffered in combat or from disease.  Their lives were cut short, often in the flower of their youth.  The faceless unknown soldier depicted, just one of the many young men who gave their lives for our freedom.



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