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Artificial Intelligence—A Risk To Employment?




My experience with web sites leads me to question the future drastic effect of AI on employment.  Essentially all of our communications now with any agency or office are controlled by a robot.


Can anyone say it is satisfying or more time saving than talking with a real person?


I am well educated and it is hardly ever that I get the web site to handle the problem or action which I desire.  Yes, ultimately I find a person to talk to.


In many cases the AI does no good and when it handles the problem it is often only partial and the call is transferred to a person who then transfers it to someone else.


So if you take the time spent by the customer and add it to the time of the robot plus the person actually answering the call: great progress has not been made in saving time of either party.


In time perhaps this will improve, but also you will notice that because of these problems they keep rewriting the web sites so that what you may have learned in using it is no longer appropriate.


Of course this is only the current main contact we have with AI but I can imagine that businesses must face similar problems with programs that don’t fit the problem and much time is wasted trying to make it fit the problem.


So I do not doubt this is the future but I doubt the need for workers will decline.




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