PIZZAZZ – Scents

By Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen

San Francisco – California



Text and Photography By Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen



And That’s PIZZAZZ




Can we humans “THINK” a scent?  My immediate answer was “sure”.  So I thought about the smell of our favorite English rose in our garden.  After returning from the back yard, I realized that I can think about the memories and pleasures of that rose, but I can’t actually think “SCENT”. 


  Curiosity got the best of me and put my nose to work.  I imagined the scent of Chanel No 5.  My birthday is August 19th, as is Coco Chanel’s … so emotions play a part in my love of Chanel No 5.  One spray on my wrist brings those feelings I like.


A few months ago, we stayed at a chic hotel that gifted us with all kinds of Bvlgari toiletries; a complex scent that works for both women and men.  I’m not one of those hotel thieves who takes soaps and shampoos out of the maid’s hallway cart, but I did bring one tiny bottle of body lotion home.  That mini-vacation was filled with parties, shopping and hanging out at the rooftop bar.  After I used the last drop of lotion, I jammed the little bottle into my TV-time chair.  Whenever I feel like “going back to that weekend”, I simply open the bottle and take a big sniff!  BOOM:  I’m there!


Similar story:  my pal keeps an empty bottle of her father’s aftershave lotion on her desk. Whenever she opens that bottle, she is with her dad.  So I’ve concluded that you can’t “THINK” smells, but you can remember and relive the emotions, memories and good times of a scent.


We can all agree, the “Norman Rockwell” Thanksgiving traditional plethora of delights is only enhanced by the cornucopia of memory-infused scents, stories and feelings of being as stuffed as the turkey centerpiece.  Indeed, senses delight!


Last weekend, there was a vintage car show on our main drag.  My husband “put his nose” into a car that his dad loved.  “I can’t believe these horsehair velvet seats take me right back to my father driving me to school!”  He was touched and thrilled.  Without a doubt, scents do conjure up memories and when combined with taste, it can all be divine. Many real estate agents know this trick.  Baking an apple pie in the house, in a subconscious way attracts buyers.


For me, and I hope for you this all “makes perfect sense”. 




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