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A Citizen’s Complaint




While politicians squabble and attempt to eliminate each other, our economic order is gradually falling apart.  Sensible human procedures are being replaced by artificial intelligence, (AI) i.e. programs that not only handle industry’s  production, but also its interface with the public.


I cannot analyze the entire economy, but I can describe my current experience with AI .


Today I face the day without a workable cell phone – the 6th day that my carrier refuses to release my service to a new provider.  I do not need to describe the problems and frustrations I experience you can easily imagine them.  Of course you can think of solutions to this problem, and while I, and several others who have helped me, have tried: many of them and I still sit today without service, or the ability to obtain service.


So what happened: I decided to abandon my historic carrier to go with another company.


There is a complicated procedure to follow for changing carriers which I attempted to follow (I have a BS and MS in Engineering).  Industry practice provides that you can take your phone number with you when you change carriers.  When the new carrier could not obtain my phone number, my carrier explained that first I must pay my bill.  No problem: I offered to pay my bill. 


But no one (I talked to 6 representatives of the company who said I owed nothing) could tell me what I owed – I have to wait for the “MACHINE” to print it out on the 15th of the month.  In other words the “information” is not now available for human use the machine is in control.


So as we enter the wonderful world of AI and contemplate the loss of jobs by humans, we should also contemplate the loss of satisfactory communication.


As politicians fail to communicate with each other: we are losing our ability to communicate with each other.  


The result of the road we are on is:  CHAOS.


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