PROS & EX.CONS — Firestorm

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California









Where are the forward looking politicians that once typified our country?

We conquered the Nazis and the Japanese but cannot put out a fire?


Is it not worth the time and effort to put them out quickly?

By avoiding the problem: how much is it costing us?

  1. The cost of the closure of businesses
  2. The costs associated with the loss of electricity to hundreds of thousands of people?
  3. The cost of resulting increase in crime prevention
  4. The costs associated with lost income on financial obligations.

How many millions of dollars in property values and dozens of lives!

We spend endless billions developing sophisticated weapons of war but have developed little new equipment to fight a firestorm.

There are means for putting out these fires; so why doesn’t the government gear up to mobilize the troops.  Right the US soldiers who are practicing war games..

Today we mobilize a few thousand fire fighters – why not mobilize a few hundred thousand and quench these fires when they start to grow?

The cost of stopping a million people from working for a few days is easily in excess of the cost of such a program.  (A million people working for $25/hour for 2 days is a value of  $400,000,000 ).  Actually the product of the work of these people is a multiple of their salaries.

To mobilize 100,000 soldiers would be a fraction of that and the fire would be out in a few days.

How about reevaluating the State budget and taking care of our civilization first.

What do you think?

How about addressing real problems rather than political ones?



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