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Money And Politics




Research into the source of funds for supporting protests and riots against our government suggests that the amounts supporting these events are huge and then when it appears that there is only one or two sources, it raises the question; Is there really that much money from one source?


I think the answer is: when we find that there is really only one main source for the millions being funneled to these activities, the only possible source is a government.


I suppose there is nothing illegal about a foreign government supporting various activities in our country through individuals but it would give pause to many to find the protests are not popular uprisings. That in fact they are funded to bring about the fall of our government system and the adoption of a Socialist system.


Wondering why another country would want to control our government through a proxy I do not know – but certainly the weakened state we would be in if we adopted a socialist government would serve a dictator’s craving for power.


So shall the richest, strongest country in the World vote to become a vassal state of a World Communist system or will we limit the flow of money and illegal immigrants into our system.





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