PROS & EX.CONS — Ukraine

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California









A beautiful job of confusion has been the major contribution of the US Congress to this year.  It could not have been done better with Russian or Soros’ help.


If I remember correctly VP Biden was suspected of getting help from the Ukrainians and our President undertook an investigation to determine whether an illegal interference in our elections (2016 or 2020} had taken place by The VP or his son.  Delegation of this responsibility had obviously not been productive.


Has any of the testimony sought to find out the answer, or found the answer.  NO!


What has been accomplished is the ruining of several people’s character at the expenditure of millions of dollars and the holding up of legislation.  Those people show they have no idea of the difficulty a President faces as they express their “holy than thou attitudes”.


They have not proved the President has committed a “major” crime which would be the basis of impeachment, or that the Biden’s or the Ukrainians committed a crime. 


Neither of the objectives have been accomplished.


This is a major crime and the punishment should be replacing present congressmen with ones who are serious about making America Great.



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