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The Claude I. Taylor O.C. Tribute Award



The Claude I. Taylor O.C. Tribute Award


The Claude I. Taylor O.C. Tribute Award has been created by renowned crystal artist and designer, Mark Raynes Roberts,
whose sculptures and awards can be found in art collections around the world.  The elegantly designed Crystal Sculpture Award
is made of the purest optical crystal, a material used in the space and aeronautical industry, and reflective of the vision,
clarity of thinking and excellence each of the Claude I. Taylor O.C. Tribute Award recipients possess.  The Crystal Orb Sculpture is hand-engraved with a globe and linear lines on the cube symbolic of communication and the technological world we live in today.



Claude I. Taylor, O.C.






The Claude I. Taylor, O.C. Tribute Award




Claude I. Taylor, O.C., the renowned Air Canada Icon had a dream of acknowledging people who embraced a need. He had a deep appreciation and a considerable admiration for his recipients and their philanthropic works that spanned the essence of his dream.


With profound pride, in this, our World Luxury Issue 2019, it is JO LEE Magazine’s Distinct privilege to announce Claude Taylor’s Honored Recipients.  Jason Chipman Howlett, Dr. Margaret R. O’Keeffe Umanzio and John Wildman.


Claude Taylor’s belief in goodness was all encompassing.  To say he was a “White Knight”, as he was referred to by international colleagues, humbled him.  But he was a “White Knight” and in their own right, so too are Jason Chipman Howlett, Dr. Margaret R. O’Keeffe Umanzio and John Wildman!


“Foresight requires a curiosity as deep as it is boundless… The will to dream bigger and beyond.”

            Claude I. Taylor, O.C.








Jason Chipman Howlett



Jason is a Humanist and Executive VP Creative for JO LEE Magazine.  


Jason’s lifetime stance emphasizes the value of human beings, he shows his compassion through the eyes of a master.  Jason is a creative design implementer extraordinaire, a realist, and an  enthusiast, addicted to “the art of work”.  Claude admired the tenacity of the young and came to know Jason well, applauding the immensity of his growth over several years. 


Jason’s hobbies?  Appreciating the artistry within the imagination of toys.






Dr. Margaret R. O’Keeffe Umanzio



Peggy has been an advisor to CEOs and corporate executive teams on leadership, strategy, organizational change.  She was a cofounder of the first fully integrated alternative public school in the U.S., has lectured at Tufts University, University of California at Berkeley, and Boston University.  Based on her leadership research and her creation of the authentic leadership concept (the balance of power and compassion), Peggy created a seven-day residential program on women and leadership which was held at Stanford University.  Women at the top of their corporations were sponsored to attend.  


Peggy is currently writing a book titled “An Irish Story: 7 Days”. 








John Wildman



John, a business leader extraordinaire, turned entrepreneur with a strong interest in philanthropy, has held top executive positions with major international business enterprises, including a national not-for-profit Conservation agency.  As CEO and Director of H.J. Heinz’s leading Fitness and Health Organization, John donated support and training facilities for Canada’s Olympic athletes.


Through his Foundation, John supports the hard work and scholastic achievements of some of our brightest young minds pursuing both undergraduate and graduate studies.  Students, he believes, have the potential to change society for the better.

A favorite saying: “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”







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