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The National Museum Of The Pacific War




What began as a small commemorative museum honoring the life and career of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces, Pacific Ocean Area, in his boyhood town of Fredericksburg, Texas in 1967 has grown into a six-acre complex, the National Museum of the Pacific War.


It is an ideal private/public partnership between the Admiral Nimitz Foundation and the Texas Historical Commission that also “honors the more than 100,000 Americans who gave their lives in the war against Japan” and the eight million Americans who served in World War II.


The Museum’s primary 33,000-sq-ft exhibition space displays 40 media installations, 900 artifacts, 15 macro artifacts, and hundreds of photographs to “teach the history and lessons learned from the Pacific/ Asiatic Theater of Operations during World War II and to offer educational platforms for their application to current and future national security issues”.


Among the Museum’s highlights are the Admiral Nimitz Gallery; the George H.W. Bush Gallery that illustrates the shocking Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and displays an HA-19, one of the five original two-man submarines that played a role in the attack; the Japanese Garden of Peace; the Plaza of Presidents; the Nimitz Education and Research Center that houses thousands of manuscripts, official documents, photographs, and recorded interviews with veterans; and the Pacific Combat Zone.


The Pacific Combat Zone is a two-acre exhibit where WWII Pacific Combat Living History Programs are showcased on scheduled weekends.  The combat re-enactments furnish historical background tactics used by Americans and the Japanese during the war.  The grand finale recreates a war-like battle that includes tanks and the firing of guns and flamethrowers, creating the feeling of an immersion into the sensations of battle.


A to-scale map illustrates the enormous geographical span of the Pacific Theater.  A PT boat exhibit permits visitors to climb onto the deck of a PT boat tender to see how PT boats were equipped for their missions.  An interactive TBM exhibit takes visitors below the deck of an aircraft carrier for a close-up view of a TBM Avenger aircraft preparing for a mission.


This remarkable museum engages all ages.


Address: 340 East Main Street, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624   Tel: 830-997-8600



Hours: 9:00AM – 5:00 PM daily except Thanksgiving, December 24 and December 25


Admission: Adults: $15.  Seniors: $12.  Students and Children 6+ years: $7.

Tickets are valid for 48 hours.





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