River And Ocean Cruises





River cruising is an entirely different experience from ocean cruising and has become increasingly popular in recent years.  The boats are small, generally holding 100 to 200 passengers, and travel along the major rivers of the world such as the Danube and the Rhine in Europe, the Amazon in Peru, the Nile in Egypt, the Yangtze in China and the Mekong in Vietnam.   Lasting for one week or longer, they stop at a different port every day, and sometimes two.  In contrast to ocean cruises, a river cruise ship docks right in the town’s historic center.  Many communal activities are offered such as walking or cycling tours, workshops or discussions onboard, or cooking classes.


Royal Viking River Cruises offers intimate experiences designed to encourage its passengers to appreciate the destinations through its food, culture, countryside and customs.  Viking provides an understanding of local life during excursions such as visiting a Russian home in the quaint town of Uglich or meeting children at an elementary school in China.  In order to see the world at work, excursions such as a visit to the inner workings of a windmill or learning the art of truffle hunting from a local farmer are offered.  Food is a critical part of any Viking cruise, both on board and on shore, and highly trained chefs offer impeccable meals.  Viking travelers are offered exclusive entry to museums, and to such cultural performances as ballet and opera.


For those interested in a larger ship, Viking also offers ocean cruises, providing the same attention to detail as their river cruises. 


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