Copper Canyon Zipline





Copper Canyon, or Barranca del Cobre in Spanish, is actually a system of canyons in Chihuahua State in northwestern Mexico.  One of the largest canyons on the planet, it is home to the ZipRider, an experience not for the faint of heart. 


The second longest zipline course in the world, the ZipRider is comprised of seven stages, including two swinging bridges that must be crossed to continue.  From the launch platform at the edge of the canyon, riders soar over three different canyons while harnessed to a zipline:  Del Cobre, Tararecua and Urique.  The trip takes around 90 minutes, during which time the rider descends to the bottom of the canyon.  The total length of the zipline is 2,454 meters, with a vertical drop of 450 meters and a 17% grade.  The lines range from 45 to 450 feet high and 120 meters to 1.1 kilometers in length.


Each stage of the ride has two parallel lines, so it is possible to go in pairs or with a guide, who can control the speed.  In addition to the spectacular plateaux, boulder fields and ravines below, the ride flies over the corn and bean fields of the local Tarahumaran community.  From the bottom, the breathless riders take the cable car back up to the rim of the canyon.



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