Titlis Rotair Ski Lift





The beginning of the 20th century saw the development of the town of Engelberg, an hour outside of Lucerne in central Switzerland, as a winter sport resort.  The area around the town is now the largest ski region in the area, combining Mt. Titlis and Mt. Brunni, with 25 ski lifts and the longest downhill ski run in the Alps, measuring 26 km from the top of Mt. Titlis to the valley floor.  It also contains the world’s longest natural ski jump.


From the ground, the riders ascend to the middle station on the mountain by way of a traditional cable car.  At this point, the riders board the Titlis Rotair, a round cable car that revolves 360 degrees during the five-minute trip to the summit of the mountain, 3,020 meters high, passing over the incredible rock formations, ice boulders, and deep crevasses of the glacier below.  With its panoramic windows, riders can experience different views as the cabin rotates while travelling up the mountain.  Upon reaching the summit, the riders go through an underground tunnel to a viewing platform, while a suspension bridge takes people to the Ice Flyer glacier lift station, where a chair lift built for viewing careens over the glacier.  Ice caverns, carved out of the glacier three levels down, are another popular attraction. 


Carrying up to 1,000 people per hour, the Rotair ski lift was designed to make cable cars more interesting as competition for visitors increases among Alpine resorts.  The lift continues to operate in the summer, and while the peaks can still be covered in snow, the slopes and valleys below are green and filled with hiking and biking trails.



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