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Eastwood On Trump


People message me why I stick my neck out for Trump.

Why do I tarnish my reputation with a man who’s hated by so many? I don’t care how much the media twits what he says.  I don’t care how bad he looks.  I don’t even care about his sex life.  At all.  

I only look at what he does and what his policies accomplish.  I see a booming economy.  I see low unemployment rates. I see African Americans back at work.  I see American companies that had fled overseas returning home.  I see the oldest President staying up til 3am in a suit on Airforce One waiting to greet our prisoners returning from Korea.  I see China paying attention to him and returning to the negotiating table.  I see him strengthening Israel, standing by Netanyahu, recognizing Jerusalem, saying Shehekhianu.

I see him freeing Iran from a devastating regime.  I see him tough on terrorism.  I see a man who’s delivering on every promise he made, not just talking to get votes.  I see a lover of America.  One who defends his men in uniform stronger than anyone I’ve ever seen.  One who is proud of his flag, without feeling sorry, without excuses.  I see an American hero. Let them say what they will.  Trump is a hero.  You will see.  

I love America.  He loves America.  I love him as our President.  No one is without fault.  We hired a man to do a job.  He has surpassed my expectations in record time, single handedly fighting the establishment.  And he’s doing it for free…
Stop listening to talking heads.  Look at policies.  I’m proud to support Trump.







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