THRU THE EYES OF JO LEE – Dining With Josephina Lee

By Josephina Lee Mascioli-Mansell

New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong/London/Tokyo/Rome/Toronto






Dining With Josephina Lee




Hello Dear Friends,


As I dash from city to continent to country, each day is exhilarating.  My life: purposeful, challenging, busy and colorful.  Meetings are timed, planes are coordinated, the plans are intricate.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So when the opportunity comes to immerse my soul in yet another table setting, I’m delighted to kick off my shoes and entertain friends in a milieu meant to revitalize the spirit.


Won’t you join me, my friends, as I take you to another of my glorious settings, a cool tonic for the soul.






Whether the subject is your patrician love of horses, the country, the arts, style, or the vicissitudes of society, all things English, Italian, French and so on, all should be reflected around your dining table.  How important it is to be on top of the situation, always a leader, always contributing your own imaginative, sensible point of view.


Perhaps “going back in years” we see a delightful family painting by a 19th-century American artist, that hangs above the very old, appointed armoire where one’s many trophies are surrounded by desserts.  Other trophies and wonderfully framed photographs sit on the the grand piano and the abundant coffee tables.


And so, if this were an evening “dining with Josephina Lee”, I’d have my table set for 10 on the beauty of the table, itself set with Haviland France Limoges china and engraved Italian crystal, with flowers everywhere.


The title of  my country buffet would be:  Orbiting Love.  Ah, but to know the outcome of the day?  Not until the orchids fold within the shadows of the night will the essence of the day be told.


Shall we say Buon Apetito e Saluti … until we meet again?



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